Please time, go by faster

Well, today is day two of our tantrums because we can’t climb on the couch in order to climb on the end table, we can’t get past the gates, we can’t slap, bite, or pinch mommy in the face, etc. We even get random tantrums that appear out of nothing. We are about two or so months until daddy comes home from deployment. We haven’t seen him in months. It’s been mommy and L all day, everyday. We take it day by day and apparently even though mommy is the one will L everyday, we still seem to be obsessed with our daddy. It’s the sight of daddy that makes us grin or giggle, perhaps it’s because unlike mommy’s regular kisses, we get Hershey kisses from daddy. Damn, why couldn’t mommy’s kisses be chocolatey? While I’m busy taking care  of L on a daily basis, I’ve become much more exhausted during the day. Nothing is better than spending time with your child. I have a huge knot on my leg due to cleaning the house up, and trying to vacuum with a toddler running around who decides pulling on the cord would be a fun idea in return the vacuum cleaner comes crashing down on my leg. Lesson learned for me, no sitting behind the vacuum when you have a toddler on the loose.



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